Upcoming Events

In the first year, we will consult stakeholders to generate agreement on these goals or change them to be more responsive to the needs of those stakeholders. The network will link academics to emergency humanitarian responders for two purposes:

  1. so that humanitarians and governments can reach out to off-site academics for information that they do not have on the ground, e.g., populations of informal settlements, customary tenure arrangements
  2. so that academics can connect to humanitarians to conduct academic research on emergency response.

We held our first workshop on 29 May, 2018 with a small group of academics and humanitarians, to begin the process of imagining and coproducing APCUS-SP.  The over-arching reason to hold this workshop was to begin assembling the interested parties at Melbourne University who will compose APCUS-SP, together with their humanitarian counterparts in Carlton and Melbourne. We wished to find out who on our campus and community is interested and capable to contribute to the mission of APCUS-SP, and to involve those people at the foundational level at co-producing the goals and charter for APCUS-SP. The particular objectives of this workshop were to:

  1. Collaborate on the draft Mission & Goals statement of APCUS
  2. Explore how academic contributions to emergency response could be made more useful to NGOs and government.

We presented the draft Mission & Goals statement to a group of Melbourne-based academics and humanitarians working in the Pacific.  We have updated the M&G statement based on the feedback from that workshop.

Now, we invite your input on this statement. Please feel free to respond on this forum or privately to Jennifer Day at jday@unimelb.edu.au.

Over the next few months, we will hold a series of workshops in Fiji, Vanuatu, and Melbourne. If you want to be more information on those workshops, please do let us know:

  1. Melbourne Workshop, hosted by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (29 May 2018)
  2. Suva Roundtable at the Pacific Update conference, in collaboration with the UNESCAP’s Future of Pacific Cities initiative (04 July 2018)
  3. Melbourne Roundtable, hosted by the Centre for Disaster Management and Public Administration (24 Sept 2018)
  4. Vanuatu Workshop (June/August 2018, TBD)
  5. Canberra Roundtable Looking to the Future; Building Network Alliances (August 2019).